Three Men and a Lady!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GOD MOMENTS given freely!

 Today I wish God had a dictionary.  I wish he defined all the reasons things happen.  Why do some people struggle with fertility?  Why does cancer strike a otherwise healthy woman?  Why does a  man have a stoke and suffer for 500 days before going heaven?  Why does a family have to mourn the loss of their teenage son? 

I wish I had a sewing machine to mend broken hearts, fix broken bodies, and repair the soul.  I don't.  I only have faith.  Faith that God has such a tool to do these things.  Faith that those who hurt are embraced by the ones they love, hugs are given freely, tears are wiped away, and miracles rise from ashes to be celebrated.

A women I recently met told me she did not believe in God.  She never had "God  Moment" that led her to believe GOD existed.  Never had a "God Moment"?  Don't God moments happen all the time?  I believe God appears throughout the day. Sometimes, it is a jaw dropping event.  Other times, it is a simple, otherwise unnoticed gesture. 

At church last Sunday, a woman gave a testimony on how she carried  out our mission statement.  She told a story of a young women who had been visiting the chiropractic office in which she worked.  This young lady had suffered as many as 60 seizures a day.  After some chiropractic treatment, they reduced to only a few a week.  The young lady decribes the doctor's hands as, "angel hands".....GOD MOMENT.

There is that feeling you get when you cannot shake someone from your mind.  You feel this on your heart and you reach out to them.  Three years ago.  I felt this strong, loving feeling to reach out to women about to give birth to twin boys.  Three years later, she is one of my dearest and most treasured friends.....GOD MOMENT.

Last week, I sent a message to a woman I know to let her know I was thinking of her, she too was on my mind.  She and her husband have been unable to conceive, and are now exploring options that will take them across the country. She sent me back a message telling me she needed to be thought of that day.....GOD MOMENT.

My son's look me in the eye and tell me that they love me.....GOD MOMENT!

An entire community, including high school students, family, friends and a fantasy football team, come together to celebrate the life of a young man who has been promoted to heaven.....GOD MOMENT.

Watching my husband, exhausted from working long hours, plow out the driveways of the people who live around us because they are elderly, paralyzed or cannot afford to buy a snow blower....GOD MOMENT. 

So while I cannot take away the pain of those around me today.  I can do my best to listen, watch and feel the GOD MOMENTS as he works through us all.  I pray all those hurting will be rocked with a GOD MOMENT today. 

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