Three Men and a Lady!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

GOD MOMENTS given freely!

 Today I wish God had a dictionary.  I wish he defined all the reasons things happen.  Why do some people struggle with fertility?  Why does cancer strike a otherwise healthy woman?  Why does a  man have a stoke and suffer for 500 days before going heaven?  Why does a family have to mourn the loss of their teenage son? 

I wish I had a sewing machine to mend broken hearts, fix broken bodies, and repair the soul.  I don't.  I only have faith.  Faith that God has such a tool to do these things.  Faith that those who hurt are embraced by the ones they love, hugs are given freely, tears are wiped away, and miracles rise from ashes to be celebrated.

A women I recently met told me she did not believe in God.  She never had "God  Moment" that led her to believe GOD existed.  Never had a "God Moment"?  Don't God moments happen all the time?  I believe God appears throughout the day. Sometimes, it is a jaw dropping event.  Other times, it is a simple, otherwise unnoticed gesture. 

At church last Sunday, a woman gave a testimony on how she carried  out our mission statement.  She told a story of a young women who had been visiting the chiropractic office in which she worked.  This young lady had suffered as many as 60 seizures a day.  After some chiropractic treatment, they reduced to only a few a week.  The young lady decribes the doctor's hands as, "angel hands".....GOD MOMENT.

There is that feeling you get when you cannot shake someone from your mind.  You feel this on your heart and you reach out to them.  Three years ago.  I felt this strong, loving feeling to reach out to women about to give birth to twin boys.  Three years later, she is one of my dearest and most treasured friends.....GOD MOMENT.

Last week, I sent a message to a woman I know to let her know I was thinking of her, she too was on my mind.  She and her husband have been unable to conceive, and are now exploring options that will take them across the country. She sent me back a message telling me she needed to be thought of that day.....GOD MOMENT.

My son's look me in the eye and tell me that they love me.....GOD MOMENT!

An entire community, including high school students, family, friends and a fantasy football team, come together to celebrate the life of a young man who has been promoted to heaven.....GOD MOMENT.

Watching my husband, exhausted from working long hours, plow out the driveways of the people who live around us because they are elderly, paralyzed or cannot afford to buy a snow blower....GOD MOMENT. 

So while I cannot take away the pain of those around me today.  I can do my best to listen, watch and feel the GOD MOMENTS as he works through us all.  I pray all those hurting will be rocked with a GOD MOMENT today. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Blessed in a land of BOYS!

As a female, and the product of a "only girls" family, I continue to marvel at the "roughness" of boys.  Honestly, my floors should be covered with wrestling mats, my furniture made of foam and my walls padded.  It is pointless to count the amount of times, per day, I say "stop wrestling", "be gentle" or "BOYS"!

I have to admit, we had a hand in creating these creatures.  We did encourage Owen to participate in wrestling.  However, I have to believe that the nature of testosterone plays a strong role in this behavior.  How did my mother-in-law survive 4 did her house survive???? 

Truth be told, in this house toys break often, legs are covered in bruises, and we all have calluses on our feet from stepping on Lego's.  My boys make BIG messes, talk in BIG voices, and love BIG bodily functions.  But, they also give BIG hugs, love with BIG hearts, and laugh with BIG smiles. 

Being the only female in the land of superheroes, fantasy football and wrestling trophies is full of adventure.  I learn something new every day and I shake my head in bewilderment often.  But, being the only female also comes with a degree of royalty.  3 men tell me they love me daily, 3 men give me hugs and kisses, 3 men tell me I look nice, 3 men like MOST of my cooking, 3 men snuggle with me at bedtime, and 3 men protect me from bugs, dogs, and other icky stuff. 

So my life may never be full of barbies, wedding dress shopping or tea parties, but it will be full of blessings.  Dirt-on-the-face, sticky-fingered, sportswear -covered, mommy protecting BLESSINGS.
Our Wrestling Man

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye to.....flip-flops, sweaty walks, iced-coffee, baseball gloves, life jackets, bug spray, sun block, campfires, s’mores, sand in “unders”, sunsets after "bedtime", the smell of BBQ, lightening bugs, fresh cut grass, pulling weeds, wildflowers, rock skipping.....summer.

Goodbye to the most precious, memorable summer I have had as a mother. Praise God for the moments I had with my sweet boys.

Welcome....crisp mornings, fall colors, autumn hikes, school days, spiced-pumpkin lattes, leaf- pile jumping, pumpkin picking, squash tasting...fall.

I cannot wait to experience this next season of our lives. We are blessed.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It is hard to believe I haven't posted on this blog in 6 months.  Honestly, I don't know where the time has gone.  The Korbel Klan has gone through some rather large changes since I last updated you all. 

Last fall, I made a pretty tough decision.  I decided to quit my full-time job and stay home with my boys.  Paul and I discussed this idea at length for almost a year before I actually gave my notice.  I prayed about it, talked about it, "slept on it", dreamt about it and finally, I did it.  December 30th was my last day at McGregor Chiropractic  I officially hung up my scrubs and SOAP notes for crayons and trains!

The biggest concern for our little family was income.  We were used to me having a steady paycheck.  Sometimes God gives you signs, big bright billboard signs.  About the time I was doing all my praying, thinking and dreaming our daycare provider was doing the same thing.  She was really considering going back to school.  While we were really sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful woman who cared for our babies, we were thrilled she was following her dreams. 
So here is where the "sign" came in:
- I, being a slightly crazy mom, didn't want to go through the whole "finding a new daycare" process (and honestly no one would be "as good as Sara"). 
-I needed a little income to buy groceries and gas. 
-Sara had families with little blessing that needed care.

If there is such thing as a "light bulb" moment, I had it.  Why not offer daycare in my home?  I loved teaching and well crafts and playing, that is a bonus. 

So that is when, There's No Place Like Home daycare was born and my heart got 5 blessings bigger.  TNPLH is currently the second home to four families and five little munchkins.  We play, learn, pray, discover and wipe noses four days a week.

I have to be honest.  In the beginning, I kind of wondered what I had gotten myself into.  Easton struggled, he really struggled so I struggled.  It is hard to open your house, your possessions and yourself sometimes. But, we got through it, we survived and we are beyond happy!

I cannot express how wonderful it feels to be spending my days at home with my children (and a couple other cuties).  I get to drop Owen off at school.  I get to pick him up from school.  I get laundry done before 10pm,  supper is homemade, my floors are clean (most of the time), I don't miss school functions (I even have gotten to volunteer at some) and our family actually eats together every night.  I am there for the moments.  The homework time, bath time, and the after school snack time.  I refuse to take any of these moments for granted because for the last 6 years, I missed a whole lot of them.

I feel blessed.  Even in moments of trial, I feel blessed.  At the beginning of May our sub pump failed, flooding our basement. The next day our my third child (my camera) got destroyed in the rain.  Several days later our air went out in our van.  Stress was heightened and tension tried to set in.  The truth is, these are replaceable things.  Minuscule possessions and luxuries in life really.  Moments, those we share with the ones we love, they cannot be replaced.  I am so grateful and downright blessed for these moments I have prayed for, for so long. God is awesome!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My handsome "Ring Man"

Photo Taken By: Me

Owen was recently asked to participate in the wedding of a couple very near and dear to our family. Here are a few pictures from his debut as the "ring man" (what he ended up calling himself because he could not remember the word ring bearer!)

Photo Taken By: Me

                                                 Photo Taken By: Me

Photo Taken By:Me

Photo Taken By: Everybody Photography
(*Note: Owen is holding a sign that says BLAH!)

Photo Taken By: Everybody Photography

 It was a beautiful fall day and a beautiful wedding.  We are blessed to have Jonathan and Julianna Arjes in our lives 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My husband...the Paperboy

Long before our family and the rest of the world wake up, my husband is busy working.  He fold, bags and delivers the newspaper.  The mornings are quiet.  They can be dark, cold, snow-covered or rainy.  His walk is a strategic one. It is quick paced and carefully planned. Almost calculated as not to be late for his "main job".

The sun peeks up over the horizon as he pulls his Grand Prix back in our currently leaf covered driveway.  He doesn't complain, but he yawns more often and sometimes falls asleep at bedtime prayers. 

My husband amazes me.  He is determined, dedicated and willing.  He takes pride in everything and every job he does.   Most of us would be disgusted with a 3:30am wake-up call.  He may hit the snooze a few times, but he doesn't hesitate to climb out of our warm bed and begin his day. 

Why does he do it?  Well years ago it was to help us financially.  He stepped up so I could spend more time with our children.  Today, it is to help us stay ahead.  I am thankful.  He sacrifices his time each and everyday to give us time.  He does this all and he still makes his family a priority.

I am so proud, blessed and honored to call him my husband.  He leads by example and is teaching our sons what a "real man' is. 

His hands are callused from years of working as a mechanic, gray hair is peeking threw his facial hair, his brown eyes sometimes show pure exhaustion, his shoulders are broad and open to lean on .  But when you meet him you also can clearly see he wears his heart on his sleeve.  It is big and loving and full of grace. 

If our sons take away just a fraction of Paul's goodness, they will be forever blessed.  I know I am.  I am blessed to be married to the paper boy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 Behind

It is hard to believe the warm season has graciously left us and fall is in the air.  Our summer was a multitude of things: hot, cold, busy, too short and memorable.  We tried our best to cram everything possible in the great-outdoors.  We took a family vacation to the north shore, bought bicycles, camped, fished, geocached, and hiked.  I did my best to keep up with my walking, but an angry low back and a shoulder injury set me back a little bit.  Thankfully I am recovering and hoping this autumn offers a few "walk worthy" days.

Owen started first grade a few short weeks ago and our evenings have been filled with this new concept they call homework.  This is not a joyful time in the Korbel household, as he becomes EXTREMELY frustrated with reading.  I try to remind him, like with anything new, this will take time to master.  This is difficult for him, as he has always seemed to excel in his "firsts".   We as parents practice patience and let me tell you this is sometimes challenging .  Prayers this becomes "easier"  with time.  Reading can be such a wonderful, life long, hobby.

Easton remains the MESSIEST child alive.  He continues to leave his "Easton Tracks"  where ever he goes.  This generally means snot wipes on the couch,  food stains on his shirt and potty on the floor.  Bless his dirty little self.  He is talking up a storm and asking questions.  Oh boy! 

Paul started a new job here in town at Viracon.  We are so blessed he LOVES his job.  There is so much to be thankful for, especially benefits!

I had a first this week.  I shot a wedding.  Shot, being in the photography sense that is.  After over 10 hours of prime photo opts I captured 1300 images of this beautiful couples day.  I have started to edit the photos now.  I celebrate with each moment I caught.  It is those simple moments that continue to mold my passion for this art.

Here is a glimpse of the day....the rest will have to await the brides approval.